What is a Marketing Guru?

Anyone who is interested in internet marketing, has probably come across the term “Marketing Guru”, and some might wonder, what the term actually means, or stands for.

The word “Guru” originates from Sanskrit, and it is a term used for someone who is a teacher, a spiritual guide, an expert or a master, in a certain field. In Indian tradition, the Guru is the master, or guide in matters of spiritual nature.

In Buddhism the tantric Guru is worshipped, and his teachings are considered holy and should not be violated.

But what is a marketing Guru?

The word Guru still means the same, as I have explained above, however,  when associated with online marketing, it has become a somewhat ironic term, actually covering persons, who claim to be experts, and who offer to guide you, and help you towards “economic enlightenment” so to speak.

They promise you quick success, and all you have to do to achieve it, is to follow their guidance, and not question their authority. Oh, and pay what they tell you to.

These so called Guru’s, are self proclaimed experts, but their intentions are not pure, and the enlightenment you will achieve by following them, is no more, than a lighter wallet.

The marketing Guru’s I have encountered are all experts, in spinning their web of deceit, and luring you into it, and if you earn anything at all, it is only by luring other innocent people into the net as well. Their funnels offer no value, only the (false) promise of making money.

In the end, the only one making anything substantial, is the “Guru” himself, through your hard work.

So, How Do You Recognize The Guru?


I wish there was a simple way to spot these scammers, but none of them Cloaked Figurehave horns on their foreheads, sharp claws, fangs or yellow catlike eyes. If anything, they look more innocent than the average person, and it is easy to fall for their charms.

I admit it can be very hard, to see through the deceit, and all you can do, is  be careful, and suspicious, whenever someone gives you promises of easy money. So set your alarms to go off, whenever someone promises quick and/or easy money.

My advice, is to never ever buy into anything, unless you get to try it out first, and even then you should proceed with caution.

So What CAN You Do, To Achieve Success Online?

I can not, WILL not, promise you a way, to earn a fortune overnight. I have spent a lot of time, and money, searching for it, and it doesn’t exist.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve success online. You can be very successful, and even earn a fortune. It just takes time, and work, but with the right guidance, you really can make it big.

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Thank you for reading, and good luck.



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