Website Architecture & Speed

Website Architecture

It’s not irrelevant how you categorize your content. You need to make sure that the search engine robots can find their way, when inside your website, and that they prioritize your content in the right hierarchical order.

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Organize your content

You should always focus on sorting your content in a good and clear hierarchical order, this could be compared with a good old fashioned file cabinet. If the content in your file cabinet isn’t sorted according to subject, name, etc. it can be hard to find the documents you’re looking for, and the same can be said about your website. So make it a priority to arrange your website properly. This will help the robots index your content, and thus improve your chances of a better ranking.

Sensible building
Building Blocks

You do not want the search engine to decide what is important and what is not – that is your job! Even though the search engines have evolved and improved a lot, they still aren’t intelligent beings like us, and they need help to make the right decisions.

If you let it be up to the search engine to decide for you, it will be nearly impossible to reach the optimal SEO results.

Site Speed

In order to get good rankings in the search engines, it isn’t enough to just have well organized and good looking website. It has to be fast as well.

Avoid Speed Bumps on your website
Speed Bump

Website speed has become a very important signal for search engines. A slow website equals a bad user experience, and that is why Google prefers fast websites. The last couple of years Google has made great efforts to get site owners to focus on this area. A good indication of this, is the amount of tools Google has developed and provided, for that sole purpose.

Site speed also influences the indexing of your site in the search engines. A robot only has a certain amount of time to crawl through your site, and this time factor is decided according to how many quality links you have pointing to your website.

If you have a big website without many incoming links and slow response times, it will be practically impossible for Google to crawl though it all.

Faster Websites
Must Go Faster

Tests have also shown that if a site takes longer than 5 seconds to load, more than 50% of all users will leave it again. Google is monitoring this user behavior and it affects the score for your website. So by improving the loading speed on your website, you give the user a much better experience and chances are they will spend more time on your site. If the users spend much time on your site, it is a clear indication to Google that your site is efficient and relevant and that users find it interesting, and this will help you get a better ranking.

Pagespeed Insights

Google’s speed estimating tool is called Pagespeed Insights. This is what grades your website, and it does so according to some predefined criteria. This could be compression of pictures, scripts, files and joining of css files etc. All elements that can improve your website’s loading speed.

Pingdom Tools

There is a great, free tool called Pingdom Tools that you can use to test your website. It gives a very accurate loading graph of all your website, so it is easy for you to see which elements on your site have the longest loading time. You get data that you can act on directly. Pingdom Tools also gives you the overall loading time of your website.

A good website should get a score over 90.

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Some of the best websites have a loading time under 500 milliseconds, and yours shouldn’t be slower than 1 second.

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