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    Product:……….Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

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  • Rating:………..5 out of 5. Excellent!

The Importance of Keywords

As we gain experience in how to run a business online, the importance of getting traffic, and how to do so becomes more and more obvious. And so does the importance of keywords, and how to use them.

How to find keywords
Finding the right keywords

Keywords are what makes our site pop up whenever someone makes a google search, and knowing how to leverage them efficiently, can easily spell the difference between success and failure.

So, how do we do this? How do we know which keywords to use?

We use a keyword research tool. These are tools that utilize and compare data, from various search engines, not only figuring out, which keywords are searched the most, but also the competition that you face with each one.

Now, with this knowledge in mind, the only problem is, which keyword tool to use. Yes, there are a lot of different keyword tools, and it can be hard to decide, which one is best for you. But you don’t have to worry anymore. Once you have tried Jaaxy, there is no turning back.

I have chosen Jaaxy, and I will tell you why you should do the same.

The internet is constantly evolving, and naturally, our patterns and habits on how we use keywords, have evolved too. Sadly, many keyword tools have failed to keep up, although many have tried, the service they offer is often mediocre, or simply useless.

With Google’s status, many keyword tools have focussed their results on Google alone, and many of them no longer work, or are using outdated data, because of Google’s recent suspension of many accounts that were used, by the keyword tools, to obtain their data.

Now, the way I see it, using outdated data, is just about as effective, as shoving snow with a teaspoon. It’s simply NOT worth doing!

So, how does Jaaxy find the right search and traffic data?

Through extensive research and comparative data testing, the developers

Kyle & Carson, founders of Wealthy Affiliate & Jaaxy

of Jaaxy have succeeded in creating an algorithm that collects data, not only from Google, but from ALL Search Engines that are as close to the “actual” numbers, as you can possibly come, and it is updated regularly.

Unlike many other tools out there, Jaaxy only focusses on those metrics that matter, to an online business, instead of overcomplicating things, with graphs and metrics that don’t serve any other purpose, than to look cool.

As an online marketer, there are basically only TWO metrics that you need to focus on.

Now you’re thinking, WHAT?!

It’s true, think about it; what do you really need to know?

  1. Traffic
  2. Competition

Those are the two you should focus on. Graphs, trends, and website analysis are secondary, and they mostly only confuse you.

In Jaaxy, you have a tool that offers the best of what you need, which is an effective research system that gets you the data you need efficiently and without complicating matters.

Mind you, there are many other features in Jaaxy as well, and with it, I guarantee that you will never find yourself wanting. This really IS, by FAR, the best keyword tool out there.


What is a Good Keyword?

So, what are we looking at? Like I wrote earlier, there are TWO main things that you should focus on:

  • Traffic: These are the estimated monthly searches for your keyword. You should bear in mind though that although a high traffic rate is important, it isn’t necessarily the first thing you should focus on. You also need to scout your competition. Getting to 1st page in Google, is what you want; it is better to achieve a first place ranking with 90 searches, than a second page ranking with 500 searches.
  • Competition (QSR): It is absolutely crucial that you know the competition, when selecting your keywords. If you don’t, you are bound to fail miserably. With Jaaxy, you are able to find your exact competition quickly, and thus know exactly which keywords to leverage and which are useless to you. You should try to focus on keywords with under 400 QSR(400 competing pages).

Then there is the KQI(Keyword Quality Index). This is a great tool that allows you to scan through the results of your keyword search, and quickly determine, which are good to use, and which you should ignore. KQI are traffic, competition, and ranking  results gathered in one, to determine the overall quality of specific keywords.

Choose the right keywordsWith the Jaaxy tool at hand, using these metrics, you can quickly and easily determine which keywords can get you ranked in Google and other search engines.

Is There More to Jaaxy?

Yes, there is more! Jaaxy is filled with features that might come in handy. I know I wrote earlier that you really only need to know the Traffic and competition, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t good, and potentially lucrative, to know what is going on, on a deeper scale.

With Jaaxy, it is possible, and legal, to sneak a peak at what your competitors are up to, and how they get their rankings, in terms of backlinks, word count, page rank, etc.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the Brainstorming Tab within Jaaxy can also help you come up with new ideas, and find other profitable niches that you can leverage.

So, as you have just read, the potential in Jaaxy is enormous, and by using this, you are already ahead of your competition from the word Go.

Once you have tried Jaaxy, there is no turning back.

Jaaxy video tutorial:

Pros & Cons

The Pros:

  • Very user friendly Interface
  • Easy to master
  • No unnecessary features that only serve to confuse
  • Extremely accurate keyword search results
  • Fast and effective support service
  • Uses Proxy servers

The Cons:

  • What cons?

Free Jaaxy membership


For the first time ever, I have topped off a review, with the highest grade, but I am so overwhelmed with Jaaxy that I was never really in doubt. Since I started using it, my conversions have skyrocketed, and my sites are climbing the ranks at a pace I’d never dreamed of.

Once you have tried Jaaxy, there is no turning back.

Overall ranking: 5 out of 5.

Thank you for reading, and the very best of luck with your online business.


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