The Greeting Card Scam

Another scam that seems to have been around for ever.

Most people have had the questionable pleasure of finding this in their mailbox, and many have fallen for it, myself included.

So how does it work?

You receive a Greeting Card that seems to be coming from a friend, it may look something like this:

   A Friend has sent you a Hallmark E-Card.

   To view your e-card, you will need to download the updated version of Flash Player.

   Flash Player Download

   After you have downloaded Flash Player you can view your e-card, by clicking the link below:

   Your Greeting Card

If you click one of the links, malicious software will be downloaded to your computer and installed onto your operating system, it can basically affect which ever device you use, when you open it..

You do NOT want this to happen!

It may “just” be an extremely annoying program that will result in ads and popups appearing on your screen, at any given moment.

It can also be “ransomware” or some financial malware, and this is more serious. It could also, and this is one of the worst case scenarios, be a part of the infamous Zeus family.

This typically means that your computer, will become part of a network of computers that are affected, and sending private data to a fraudulent server that is controlled by IT criminals. This is usually what happens, in most cases of modern identity theft.

How To Keep Safe From The Greeting Card Scam

There are a lot of specialized programs out there, designed to detect and remove this sort of malware, and I recommend that you always have installed software to keep your computer, and you, safe.

Above all, I urge you to use your common sense, whenever you receive something you’re not really sure of. If you don’t know the sender, or you have the slightest suspicion, don’t open it.

Thank you for reading, and remember to stay safe.


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