Staying Motivated

It can be hard sometimes, staying motivated when you are trying to build your online business.

It can seem like an endless struggle, staying motivated, making the ground work, and many give up before they even start seeing any significant results. When I started pursuing my ambition of online success, I did what so many before me have done, and it nearly killed the dream.

Money money money
All that money floating around on the internet

I had heard about the possibilities on the web, and I was so eager to get started that I fell into  the trap of the first so called “money making Guru” that came my way. I soon found out that I was getting nowhere with this system, and I decided to quit and look for something else, and believe me, it wasn’t hard.

Social media, like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube (my favorite) are litterally overflowing with scams, promising to make you rich overnight. All you need to do, is make an initial payment, and the rest is almost on auto pilot. Then come the additional payments, and before you know it you’ve paid a fortune, but for some reason, you never see any results.

Fortunately, I came across Wealthy Affiliate, and that changed everything for me.

One of the first things I needed to accept, was that overnight success is a utopian dream, and expecting to get rich just by clicking a button, is just plain stupid.

But if you are willing, and you have the patience, to do the ground work, you WILL eventually succeed. The trick is to keep the motivation intact, and that can be hard, if you don’t have someone to encourage you, and help you up, when you are down.

Rituals that help staying motivated

I used to struggle. Every morning I would get up, get the kids ready for school and kindergarten. Then I’d rush out of the house to drive them, drop my wife off at her job, and then back home, to write content.

I always had a lot of ideas when I went to bed at night, but after the stressful morning my mind would be a total blank. It went on like this for months, until I decided to ask for help.

How to get rich online
Wealthy Affiliate

I wrote about my problem, in a blog in Wealthy Affiliate, and within minutes, I had several suggestions on how to deal with my problems.

These were successful people, who I knew had been in the same situation, and they had overcome. Just like that, I had qualified advice at my fingertips.

So I started implementing some of the suggestions I’d been given, and came up with some of my own to make it fit my needs. You see, just the thought that I was doing something to solve my problem was half of the solution. It motivated me to help myself, all I had needed was a push in the right direction. Now, staying motivated is all a question of sticking with my routines.

Nowadays, my ritual looks something like this. I get out of bed and have a toast and some juice while I listen to some motivating music. Then I put on my running outfit, music in my ears, and go for a nice refreshing run.

This really clears my mind, and most of my ideas come during my run. Then I shave and take a nice shower, make myself some coffee and go upstairs to my office.

I always listen to music when I write. Pink Floyd, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, maybe some R’n’B, soul or funk. I love music, and it just gives me that little extra something. From dragging myself to the desk every morning, I now enjoy it so much, I have started writing a book.

Get help from likeminded people

So dear friends. When you’re feeling stuck and everything seems hopeless, think about what you can do differently to stay motivated. Try to implement some good habits, and if you feel stuck, find someone who can relate to what you’re doing. Find a community of likeminded where you can help each other.

To me that community is Wealthy Affiliate.

A community of likeminded

Check it out here
Thank you for reading

The very best of luck

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4 thoughts on “Staying Motivated”

  1. Hi Ossur. I agree. Sometimes it´s hard to find motivation but doing something different or taking some form of exercise does help clear the mind. A healthy body makes for a healthy mind.

    Thank you for posting


    1. Hi Sean!
      It sure does. And for me personally, performing my exercise, and doing my ritual every single morning, makes work so much easier.
      Apart from keeping my energy levels up, it has changed the way I look at my writing. It is much more natural and effortless.
      Thank you for commenting.

  2. I am happy you have found your ritual that keeps your spirit happy and ready to create! It’s so simple, but so hard in the same time to keep yourself motivated and on track. Keep yourself busy and happy and your business will bloom! Good luck to you! 🙂


    1. Hi Monta, and thank you for commenting.
      Yes, it can be so hard sometimes, when you are still waiting for results, but the rituals
      really help me stay focussed.
      I will advice everyone to do the same.
      Thank you.

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