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If your efforts on social media are to have any effect, and attribute to your SEO work, it is important that your site is shown correctly on social media. If your social meta tags aren’t implemented it can lower your share rate significantly.

Badly optimized Webpages that aren’t tagged, appear empty, without images or supplementing text. This WILL affect the users that might want to look at an article. The chance of them clicking on it is low, and the chance of them sharing the content is even lower and you can forget all about getting any links from external sites.

You need to implement social META-tags from all the social media that are used in your business and by your target audience. You can find these META-tags on the various social media websites or as plugins if you are using Wordpress etc. The most popular META-tags are currently, in random order,  Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn, but it can be useful to add some more as well.

External, Or Off-Page SEO

External SEO is probably where you should focus most of your efforts, especially if you are in a competitive market. The following text is all about the external activities that are necessary in order to achieve good search engine rankings.

Linkbuilding: What actually made Google so popular, and the reason why they were able to offer the best search results, was their use of link analysis to asses the relevance of a given website. On the internet, most recommendations, be it a product or a service, are passed on through the sharing of links.

You could say, links are used like a ballot; the more links you get, the more popular and relevant your site must be. But it isn’t just the amount of links that is relevant. What kind of links you get, is also relevant, it all depends on the sender.

If the sender is credible and relevant in relations to your subject, then the link has a high value. If the link is coming from a popular and reliable site, it can pass some it’s popularity on to your site. There is therefore a big difference in getting a link from your uncle Henry, and getting a link from an authority in your niche.

When you are working with SEO, your are actually working on obtaining ingoing links. You can create some yourself, and others you can obtain by getting others to link to you, this is called linkbait, or you can contact website owners directly.

Link building is one of the most important areas in SEO, and it is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Link Profile: When you’re link building, you are working on improving your site’s current link profile. Google has become much better at analysing if a profile is natural, or if it is link manipulated, in order to get better rankings in their search results. Obviously, Google doesn’t like it if you manipulate your link profile to achieve rankings, and it is in direct conflict with their guidelines, so you should be careful.

However, it is not forbidden to get ingoing links to your website, and it is something everyone with a website should work on. A natural Link Profile would have many different kinds of links, i.e. from forums, blogs etc.

There should also be variations in the various kinds of links, links through redirect links, follow links and no-follow links, and others are what makes a healthy and natural link profile, and this is what you want to have, when you are working with SEO. NO major website only has links from one single source. Google knows this and they are keeping a watchful eye on it.

If your link profile doesn’t appear natural, the chances of getting good rankings are non existent. If this is the case for you, you should clean up your profile before trying to build or obtain more links.

Social SEO

Social media is a very important part of SEO, and it should be a part of every SEO-strategy. In 2011 Google introduced Google+ and since then they have added Search Plus Your World, that appears as an integration of Google+ in Googles search results. Using Search Plus Your World, you can influence the search results for everyone that you are connected to on Google+.

Other social media, like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are also important, and you should be present on all these platforms, networking and using them to your advantage. It takes great effort to use, and control, the social media in relation to business, but it can provide some good and unique results with regards to traffic to your website and branding, and it sends some very good signals to search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, who use these in their analysis.

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