Make Money From Home Scams

Get Rich Quick With Minimum Effort!

This could be a headline for the scam we are talking about here. And it is the scam that I personally have most experience with.

It comes in so many different shapes, can be seen anywhere online, and new ones are popping up even as I write these words.

Make no mistake, it is absolutely possible to make money online and lots of it, but you can NOT make a fortune overnight, and you can NOT get rich without  making a real effort. If it was EVERYBODY would be doing it.

Forget about getting rich overnight, it is a utopian dream!

Nevertheless, this is exactly what is promised by the scammers, and they can be incredibly convincing and clever when seducing their victims, thousands are getting caught in their nets every single day.

So how Do They Operate?

There are many different ways, but usually they go something like this:

Get rich quick
Money out the window

You see an ad, or an email promising that you can start by earning something like $500 a day, just by following some simple steps. Usually these simple steps involve paying an initial fee, to get access to the good stuff.

The initial fee is typically quite small, like when I enrolled in something called “Commission Cartel” and had to pay $9,99 to get started. I then got access to some banners and “funnels” that I had NO idea whatsoever how to use.

But I was told not to worry; for an additional cost, I would get step by step instructions, on how to use the banners and implement the funnels and the possibility to earn the $500 a day. But, if I REALLY wanted to make big bucks, I should buy the so called “Secret Weapon’s Package, and get the possibility to rake in $500,000 yearly.

Well, by now my spider sense was tingling like crazy, and I decided to do some research on this program. So I started by googling the owner, Michael Cheeney, who was supposedly earning $1.442 a day himself on this product. (Truth be told, he’s probably earning more than that, on people who fall for this scam, and put money directly into his pocket without ever seeing a penny themselves.)

After doing about five minutes of research online, I had no doubt that this was in fact a scam. I then tried to get my initial $9,99 back through the money back guarantee that was offered, but it wasn’t worth the effort. After half an hour I gave up.

What To Look Out For

Since I started looking for a way to make money online, I have seen numerous scams, and there are a couple of common features that you should be aware of:

  • They offer an easy way of making money
  • The promise that you can get rich fast
  • You don’t have to do much in order to earn money
  • You don’t have the opportunity to test before you buy
  • There are upsells

These are typical promises that you’ll get, and it is hard not to be tempted

Make money fast
Easy money?

by some of these offers. The scammers can be extremely convincing and well spoken, and often times their promises are accompanied by pictures of the owner standing in front of a fancy car, or some other luxurious background, but DON’T be fooled!

Their luxury is paid by money they have scammed from people, who don’t get anything in return except broken dreams and empty pockets.

So before you pay money for some online adventure, promising you riches overnight, remember this:

If something seems too good to be true, it usually IS!

But IS it possible to earn money from home?

Now, like I’ve written earlier in this post, it IS possible to make money online, and LOTS of it, but to my knowledge there is absolutely NO simple way of making a fortune overnight, unless you win the lottery, and I sure as hell wouldn’t put all my money in THAT basket.

I tried a lot of different things before I finally found what works for me,

Happy days
Me & my family. That’s me on the right, with the goofy smile.

and it has taken me more than a year to get to the point where I am now, making more money than I would ever be able to do through a normal job, and I have more freedom than ever before, AND I got the opportunity to invite my whole family to Gran Canaria for 14 days for Christmas.

The truth is that I was exactly the type of person that the scammers target. I was low on cash and turning every dime, and adding to my expenses every month. I was so desperate that I was willing to try anything, even if it did seem too good to be true.

A dangerous state to be in, but luckily I got wise before it was too late.

What finally set me off towards online success was that I stumbled upon something called Wealthy Affiliate.

I was suspicious at first, VERY suspicious. I had just lost money on the above mentioned Commission Cartel, and had found out that the net is overflowing with scams.

So this time I started out by googling, and after realising that it all seemed legit, I began to check out the details. The first thing I discovered that set this thing apart, was the possibility to test it for FREE. No credit card information was needed, so I could try out all the features for seven days, without worrying about losing any money.

If you want to earn money online AFFILIATE MARKETING is the way to go.



Furthermore, there were no unrealistic promises of making fortunes overnight with minimum effort.

Instead, it promised to teach me everything I need to know about building and running an affiliate business. Not only did I get 2 FREE websites and step by step instructions on how to set them up, but I also got access to a community of experts and the opportunity to learn from people with the same background that I had.

It didn’t take me seven days to figure out that this was the thing for me, so I upgraded to premium membership, and I haven’t regretted it for one second.

I now have 5 websites through wealthy Affiliate, two of which are making me a good monthly income, but the best of all, is that I can go to bed at night with the pleasant feeling that my business is legit, and that I am helping others achieve the same success that I have.

If you want to learn how to make money online, I recommend that you try Wealthy Affiliate, but before you do, you can read all about what it has to offer right here: 

My Wealthy Affiliate Review

Now, if you’re hell bent on making a fortune overnight, with minimum effort, then Wealthy Affiliate is NOT for you, and I will wish you the very best of luck in finding something that can help you.

Hopefully you’ll find your way back here, BEFORE you spend too much on some castle in the sky.

Thank you for reading, and stay safe out there.


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