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The search engine results are ever changing, and the last couple of years, we have seen more of universal results, as images and video are integrated in the search results.

This gives you better chances of being seen in the search results and you can stand out amongst your competitors. Tests have shown that the users are more likely to click on links with video and images than ordinary text based search engine results. So, if it is possible you should always try to implement images and/or video in your SEO work.

Images And Tags

Google and other search engines aren’t very good at decoding images. Although Google has made big improvements on their image recognition software there is still a long way to go. This means that we need to help the search engines, so that they can be better at understanding what is on our images, and why they are there. There are basically two ways of doing this, the most effective one being the use of alt-tags.

An alt-tag is an alternative tag that was originally used to explain to Google what is in an image, so that people with bad eyesight should be able to decode it. Tags are also important to Google, and this means that you should mind how you use them, so that you can get even better results.

The other way is by using the title-tag. Those two are totally different, as the alt-tag describes what’s on the image, while the title-tag is only there to tell the names of what’s on the image.

Using alt-tags and title-tags, is a more effective way of telling Google what the images are about and what they show, and increase the relevance of a certain site. By optimizing the images there is a much bigger chance of a high ranking in Google’s image search.

So always remember to focus on your image tags and titles, they can spell the difference of succes and failure, if done right. Often times, when people implement an image in their posts, they just hurry on, without tagging them first and this is a huge mistake, as far as SEO goes.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you can put this to good use.

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