Identity Theft, Facebook Impersonation Scam

The Facebook Identity Scam

Of all the social media networks, nothing comes even close to Facebook. Practically everybody has a profile, and most of them are active many times a day.

And Facebook is so much more than just a forum where you can chat with your friends. Many large companies use it to advertice their products, and to research social habits and so on. Facebook is a media with so many functions and benefits, and it has become such an integrated part of so many lives, it would be hard to imagine a world without it.

But it also makes it a playing ground for scammers. Imagine someone hacking into your profile and thus getting access to, not only your info, but also that of your family and friends?

How many of your friends would unsuspectingly open any post they got from you? Probably a vast majority, and with billions of users, some are bound to get trapped.

The only advice I can give you, is to set a double authentication method. This will serve as a double layer of security, and do it as soon as possible.  Other than that; be mindful with your passwords, be careful with what you share, and the usual “use common sense”.

Thank you for reading and stay safe out there.

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