How To Make Money Online Free

If you really are serious about making money online, you should read this article to the end, and take action on this offer.

There are many ways to make money online, and there are probably a few added to the pile every single day.

Get rich quick
Money out the window

But beware!  Some of them, maybe even most of them, are scams, or at least pushing the boundaries of what is morally ok. 

If you’re like me when I first started, with nothing but a dream of quitting my miserable day job, and telling my boss to screw it, you have probably heard of people making a fortune every day, using nothing but a computer and an internet connection.

It is even likely that you have already tried several ways to earn money on the net, but you have found out that it isn’t quite as easy, as you thought.

Let me tell you the story of my own experience. I suspect you will recognize a few of the things I’ve seen and done, and failed miserably, but don’t worry, it all ends well. Really well!!

Easy Ways To Make Money Online

Fed up with my job

I was working as a school teacher in a school for kids, with social issues. The work days were long and extremely hard, and the pay was hardly worth mentioning. Every day after work I would come home to my family, feeling more and more wasted, useless, and miserable.

Then one day, while I was going through my Junk email folder, I saw something about making money online. I started reading about this, watching YouTube video’s and subscribing to various news letters.

I was hooked and determined to make this work. Imagine making a fortune, working a few hours a day, and then just sit back and watch the money rolling in!

I soon fell into the trap of one of the many online scammers out there, who promised me a fortune within days.

Make money fast
Easy money?

These slick, smart talking self proclaimed “Guru’s” know exactly what to say and do, to lure people into their web of deceit. The promise of quick and easy money is hard to resist, especially for people who are desperate to change their life.

If you’re like I was, you try to find reasons why successful people, would scam others, and you find it hard to understand that anyone can get themselves to ruin other people’s lives like that, so you choose to trust them.

In 9 out of 10 cases that’s a big mistake.   

I once paid $199 for a system that I was guaranteed would make me a fortune in no time. After getting some instructions, the scammer provided me with 20 funnels that I should use, in order to get people to buy in on his offer, but after reading the funnels, I found out that there was no real product. I was to lure prospects into paying money, using the same promises that I had fallen for.

Although I hadn’t earned a single dime, I was to tell people that I had made a fortune, and that they could too. I decided to quit, but when I contacted support, in order to get my $199 back, they never responded.

So, I had lost $199, but on the bright side, I had learned a valuable lesson:

Don’t you EVER pay money, without testing the product first!!

If something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

After this, I tried various ways, spending some money here and there. Some were better than others, but the results were never even close, to what was promised.

I was desperate, but luckily, someone pointed me in the right direction, and I found Wealthy Affiliate.

Read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

Easy Ways To Make Money Online

How To Make Money Online Free

I must admit, I was skeptical to say the least, but after checking it out, there really was no way back, and I was hooked.

First of all, I got two fully functional WordPress websites + step by step tutorials on how to set them up in a few minutes, and expert advice on how to start my business, for FREE!!

Yes, this was the beginners package, but I soon decided to upgrade to premium, and the possibility for 50 websites and a lot of extra features that I couldn’t find anywhere else, but you can get a long way using the beginners package.

Step by step training
Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp

Any which way you should choose, I can promise you won’t regret it.

Ask yourself: Where else can you get 2 fully functional WordPress websites, without paying as much as a single dime? Nowhere!

Sign up for your free membership right here!

How To Make Money Online For Beginners

So, why should you choose Wealthy Affiliate?

There are a lot of reasons:

First of all, there are no empty promises of making a fortune overnight. This is important. The sooner you acknowledge that it takes time to set up an internet business, you can get started on the proces, instead of wasting valuable time, chasing castles in the sky.

But can you really earn a full time living online, with Wealthy Affiliate?

Yes, you can earn a full time living, using the techniques you learn here, and yes, you CAN earn fortunes here, but it takes some ground work, and it will take some time, before the money start rolling in, so you need to take action and get started.

Usually, things really start to happen around the 3 month mark.

Even if you are a beginner, or you have gained experience with online businesses, Wealthy Affiliate can help you.

Take action on the free offer, (there is no credit card needed) and follow the tutorials. Remember you get TWO WordPress websites up and running absolutely free.

If you really want to make money online, you need to take action. Click the button above to get started!

It’s risk free!


I hope you found some value in this post, and that I can welcome you, as a member of the Wealthy Affiliate community.

Please, if you have any questions or comments, write them in the box below, and I will answer as soon as I can.

Thank you for reading.

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12 thoughts on “How To Make Money Online Free”

  1. I would tell anyone who wants to start and online business to become a part of wealthy affiliate that have been making a difference in the lives of many persons of many years. The facts are there to prove that this community has a system that works and your personal story is also prof that shows that wealthy affiliate has a winning program. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Norman.
      Wealthy Affiliate, as far as I’m concerned. IS the best community out there.
      What you get here, is just unbelievable, really almost TOO good to be true.
      I owe everything to this community.
      Thank you

  2. Thank you for such a detailed explanation and sharing your story. It sounds like we were in the same funnel and both getting spit out the other end with nothing. Sure left a bad taste for me. But like you, I was determined and when I found WA I knew I had something that was really real. So far an awesome experience and I wish everyone searching could find this.

    1. Thank you for you comment Merry.
      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is a true blessing, and has changed my life for sure.
      It’s just sad that many have to go through the agony of being scammed, before they
      make it, and many give up before they even discover WA. It’s a pity, but I sure am doing what I can
      to help.
      Thanks again

  3. Hi Ossur, great job on the site, the only thing I would change is your links, they open on the same page as your site, I would have them open in a new tab, so your viewers can get back to your site with ease. Keep up the good work.

  4. I can relate to your story of losing money to a company, except mine was a little bit here and there, but no ROI. Right now, I’m a week away from reaching my 3-month mark with my website., so I hope to see something by then.

    I’ve learned a lot through Wealthy Affiliate and even if I don’t see something, I love their community. 🙂

    1. Hi Nathan!
      There are undoubtedly many that have lost money to scammers, and bad online business ventures.
      But with Wealthy Affiliate you really are the master of your own success.
      I wish you the very best of luck with your online business.

  5. Hi Ossur
    I really can’t thank you enough for introducing me to WA!
    This Community is so awesome I don’t even know where to start.
    I’ve now created 4 websites and they are looking great and they are already converting into sales.
    Thanks again.

  6. Hi Ossur,

    It is sad to hear stories about people being sweet talked by so-called “gurus” only to find out they are fake. I have been there a few times. I was a bit wary at first with Wealthy Affiliate because I could not join as a Free Member. Sadly I am from one of those countries that could not sign-up for Free so I had to shell out $49 to go Premium. I have never regretted that decision. I found the real deal in Wealthy Affiliate. I am into my 3rd month and my training at Wealthy Affiliate is paying for itself.

    1. Hi Norma, and thank you for your comment.

      I’m sad to hear about that you too have experienced being scammed, but I am also glad you found WA.
      Done right, it is a sure path to success.
      I did not know that there were countries, where the Free Membership isn’t available. Which country are you from?

      I really wish you all the best, and huge success with your online venture.

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