How To Avoid Email Phishing

Phishing is conducted through email or social networks.

You will typically receive an email or a message, where they try to lure you into giving them your login credentials, such as passwords and pin codes, and credit card numbers etc. that can be of value to them.

They will typically make the emails resemble those of an official source, like a bank or other financial institutes that you would normally trust with your security details.

fiskegarnWhen they have won your trust, you click the link in their email or message, and you are then sent to website that looks legit, but is actually controlled by the criminals, and there they will try to make you type you security credentials.

Thus, if you are not aware of the dangers, your personal information is suddenly in the hands of cyber criminals.

The Stress Factor To Push You Over The Edge

To add further stress, in order to push you into giving up your information, they try to create a scenario of urgency. Typically they will tell you that your bank account has been compromised, or is under some kind of threat that requires your immediate attention.

You must then enter your credentials in order to reset or confirm that the account is yours. What you don’t know is that the provided link will lead you to a fake location, instead of the secure page that you think belongs to your bank.

Once they have your credentials, they can use them to access your accounts, or they sell them to other potentially interested parties on the dark web.

Not Unusual

This is actually one of the most common scams online, and you should be aware, and prepared for these attempts. A good antivirus can do much, but the only way to stay completely safe, is by using common sense, and never ever sharing your credentials online.

Always be suspicious when asked for personal information, and if ever in doubt then DON’T proceed before checking with your own institute.

Please leave a comment, if you have been exposed to scams, or if you have any questions.

I hope you found this post useful.


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