Fake Antivirus Software

Antivirus Gone Bad

Java Update
Pop up with fake Java Update Message

Yet another common scam that you have probably encountered.

This scam usually appears as a pop up, on various sites on the net, and would probably read something like this:

“Your computer is infected. Please download [            ] to remove the virus, and stay safe.”

The individuals behind these, are mostly skilled programmers, and therefore they are usually very well made, and it is easy to fall for the professional look of them, but be warned.

Some are quite innocent, but extremely annoying hoaxes, with pop ups appearing on your screen all the time, and they can be removed by running a scan with your antivirus program.

Although annoying, these hoaxes are a far cry from the more serious threats.

Trojans and Ransomware

In some of the worst cases, your computer can be infected with a trojan

Fake Antivirus Popup

or a key logger that can block your computer, or steal information valuable to you. People have been known to get big ransom demands, in order to retrieve the information that has been stolen or locked down, by the perpetrator.

Personally, I have long since lost count of the times, something like this has shown up on my screen. And I admit to have fallen for this, when I was young and the internet was not so old either.

It basically ruined my first computer, and since then I have always been extra cautious. I always make sure to have an antivirus I trust, and whenever I am in the least bit of doubt, concerning my computer’s well being, I run an allround scan.

What Should You Do To Avoid These Dangers

My only advice, is to always have a good antivirus product installed on your computer.

Run regular scans, and for the love of God:


Thank you


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