Commission Cartel Review

Review of Michael Cheney’s Commission Cartel

Name:         Commission Cartel
Price:          $9,95
Owners:      Michael Cheney
Overall Rank: 2 out of 100

Commission Cartel Product Overview

This program offers more promises than actual commissions. The initial ad has some very convincing, and professional looking images, and Michael Cheney comes on, as an ordinary guy, who really want’s the best for you.

However, the initial “low” price, is only the first of a couple of upsells that you will need, in order to make it big. He promises you that you can make all this money, even if you’re a newbie, and without even having a website, and here are a lot of bonusses available, and templates you can use. But since there aren’t any instructions, no newbie, will ever be able to find any value in it, and neither did I. 

The Orientation Call

I never did find the supposed step by step that he mentions in the initial offer. However, you are required to attend the so called orientation call. This “orientation call” is supposed to be live, and it will not be possible to get a replay. In my case, it aired at 3 am. So even though you, according to Cheney, need this orientation call, in order to get anything out of the product, AND you’ve actually paid good money, you only get this one chance to see it.

So what do you get from the orientation call?

Apart from some tips, on how to use Facebook, it offered a bunch of upsells that were way above, what I can afford to pay, I got no value whatsoever. Absolutely NOTHING I could use.

Pros & Cons


  1. There are a lot of banners and templates you can use, if you know how.
  2. An experienced affiliate marketer might be able to put the bonusses, banners and templates to good use.


  1. There are no instructions on how to use the bonusses and templates.
  2. A lot of expensive upsells that you supposedly need , in order to get full value of the program.
  3. Apart from my own bad experience, my research found a lot of bad reviews, and scam reports on Commission Cartel.

Who is The Commission Cartel For?

The Commission Cartel is supposedly targeted at newbies, and inexperienced people, who

want to earn easy money, but after trying the product, I can’t imagine any newbie being able to generate any substantial income on the Commission Cartel. For that matter, I can’t imagine any experienced marketer wanting to touch this either.

Commission Cartel Tools & Training

A lot of templates and banners and some basic guidelines on how to use them.

Commission Cartel Support

I tried to contact the support, but they never got back to me.

Earn lots of money, with minimum effort
Easy money?

Commission Cartel Price

You are promised the possibility to earn an easy initial $500 for the sum of $9,95.

My Final Opinion of Commission Cartel

The Commission Cartel looks very professional, and Michael Cheney really is a master manipulator, pretending to be this ordinary guy, who understands you, and wants to help. I fell for it, paid the $9,95 and got absolutely nothing in return.

I will not recommend anyone to buy this product.

Name: The Commission Cartel

Owners: Michael Cheney
Price: $9,95
Overall Scam Rank: 2 out of 100


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2 thoughts on “Commission Cartel Review”

  1. After reading this I believe you. BUT I would like to have more info about this program, even if this is a scam. I can understand why there is nothing much to talk about if this is all a big scam, but still feels like there should be more of the story here.
    Any ways, thanks for your information and will surely stay away from Commission Cartel!

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