Bankloan And Creditcard Scam

Guaranteed Loans

Another one of those common scams that regularly pop up in my junk folder is the promose of guaranteed bank loans or credit cards.

These are difficult times for many, and cyber criminals have found out yet another method, to get to people’s money. This time, it is by promising people guaranteed bank loans, or credit cards. All the lucky loaner has to do, is pay the processing fees. When the scammer has your money, you will never see them again.

It can be hard to get any loans from your bank, and many are desperate, and don’t know what to do. Then, when suddenly an offer pops up in their mailbox, it may seem like a gift from heaven. But it’s not, and you will be wise to do some thorough research, before you accept anything that you haven’t applied for yourself.

  1. Why would any bank offer you a loan, without even knowing anything about your financial situation? They won’t!
  2. Use common sense, this will get you a long way, no matter what.

It can be hard to imagine that anyone would actually fall for this, but like I said, desperation can lead to some really stupid decisions, and considering how many of these loan offers I get, and the amount of work the scammer has put into the scam (some of them are really well made), I suppose there are some who fall for it.

My advice: Use common sense and do not open the mail or click on any links inside.

Thank you for reading and stay safe.



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