What Is SEO

Search Engine Optimization

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is the term used for the steps taken in order to optimize websites for search engines. It doesn’t matter if you are offering physical products through your webshop, if you’re blogging, or anything else where websites are involved, SEO can help you rank high in the search engines, so that you can get more visitors to your website.

There are a lot of advantages using SEO; users tend to trust the organic results more than the paid ones, and when 8 out of 10 users begin their buying process on the internet, obviously this is where you want to be.

On-Page SEO

When working with SEO, one of the first things you should be concerned about, is the web platform and it’s ability to avoid the technical challenges that are often associated with the various platforms.

Some of these technical obstacles can be the main reason why you can’t reach the desired ranking, and you’ll need to deal with these issues before you proceed with the next parameters in on-page SEO.

So make sure your platform meets your requirements, before starting your on-page optimization.


The content is one of the most important elements of a website, as far as SEO is concerned. It’s crucial that the keywords you want to base your traffic on, are used in the most effective way possible. The text should be the main focus point, and you’ll need to make sure it meets the necessary requirements. Tools like SEO by Yoast, are a good way to determine the quality of your posts.

If your content is too short or lacking substans, it might trigger google’s quality algorithm, also known as Panda.

Texts should always be written for the users, but with the search engines in mind. It’s important that the texts are engaging, so that the users will linger on your site for as long as possible. Keeping your customers engaged is the most important criteria for a well optimized website.

The most important keywords should be in all the basic elements in your texts,  titles, headlines, descriptions, image texts, and the main text. The content of a good SEO post should always be concentrated around the keyword or keywords that you are going for. The keyword should be the pivot of every article.


The secret of keywords, is to speak the language of your potential customers. No matter what your services or products are called,  it is Choose the right keywordscrucial that you use the same terms as your customers. They are what your customers are writing in the search engines, and this is where you need to be visible.

The keywords og frases you need, can be found using a keyword analysis. If you don’t analyse which keywords are the best for your product or article, you will be crawling around in the dark, and this won’t benefit you or your potential customer, who is trying to find your services.

  Many Different Tools

When working with keyword analysis, there are a lot of different tools on the market, like Google’s own keyword tool, that you can use to determine which words can be effective for your particular business. But there are many other tools, and you will need to be smart about this, because it is often necessary to use more than one tool, to get all the information that you need, to get the best result.

I always use Jaaxy for keyword research.

Jaaxy keyword tool

Your keywords and frases are an essential part of the intern SEO optimization of your website. Your titles, texts, and meta-descriptions should all work together as a whole that provide the best possible user experience for the visitors that locate you through certain keywords in the search engines. Returning customers, who linger on your site, will make you rank higher, on the specific keywords that they used to find your site.

Read my review of Jaaxy here.


Unique headlines, as well as sub headlines, should always be formatted with an H-tag. This is the best way to make sure that the search engines know that it is a headline.

The search engines are more focussed  on what is in the headlines, than what is in the main text, since the headlines are what initially catches the user’s attention. The headlines should always highlight what we define as the essential points in our article.

Keyword galore
Words words words

Generally speaking, the first headline should always be H1, since this is the initial headline, and it should be characteristically bigger than all other text in the article. After that you should use them in the following order h2, h3, h4, and so on…

Your page title is basically what tells both users and search engines about the subject of your content. Therefore your title should be precise and describing, and at the same time have a clear CTA (call to action) that will get the user to your website.

You will want your title and site description to be enticing, because what will it matter to have a good ranking, if the users choose other search engine results over yours.

Keyword Stuffing

Not so many years ago it wasn’t unusual that bloggers “keyword stuffed” their titles. It was known that Google focussed a lot on titles and what’s in them, and it really did work. But Google got wiser, and if you’re not

More Keywords
Keywords Galore

careful today, you risk not being shown at all, if you write your keywords too frequently in your titles and texts.

So remember to be on good terms with google. Use your primary keyword, and maybe one or two extra, but be sure to use them in a sentence where they make sense, instead of always placing them in the front.


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The Travel Scam

The Vacation Scam

This scam comes in many forms, but like most, they can be avoided by using common sense and being careful.

These scams usually appear in your inbox around the time of various holidays, where people will want to stress off from work, and a nice vacation seems especially appealing.

Usually, you would receive an email with an offer for some exotic, and most likely, hard to get destination that usually costs a small farm. On top of this, the offer will only be available in a short period of time, so you will have to act fast.

The regular scammer will just take your money, as soon as you pay him, and you will never see him, or your money again, and you won’t be travelling anywhere.

Other travel scams are more refined, and often within, although extremely close to, the boundaries of what is actually legal. In these cases there is an actual trip you can buy, but the price you have been presented with is only

Make money fast

the initial payment for the ticket itself. After you pay it, additional costs pile up, in the form of various taxes, insurances, and other fees that you never knew existed. Before you know it, the costs have grew to a small fortune.

My advice to you, is to examine the offer very closely for additional costs, and if in any doubt, contact the agency for additional information, and make sure to get it writing.

I would personally only use the well known agencies that I know I can trust.

As always, I will advice you to use your common sense, and remember; if something seems too good to be true, it usually is. There really are people out there, who will stop at nothing to get your money.

Thank you for reading and stay safe out there.


Identity Theft, Facebook Impersonation Scam

The Facebook Identity Scam

Of all the social media networks, nothing comes even close to Facebook. Practically everybody has a profile, and most of them are active many times a day.

And Facebook is so much more than just a forum where you can chat with your friends. Many large companies use it to advertice their products, and to research social habits and so on. Facebook is a media with so many functions and benefits, and it has become such an integrated part of so many lives, it would be hard to imagine a world without it.

But it also makes it a playing ground for scammers. Imagine someone hacking into your profile and thus getting access to, not only your info, but also that of your family and friends?

How many of your friends would unsuspectingly open any post they got from you? Probably a vast majority, and with billions of users, some are bound to get trapped.

The only advice I can give you, is to set a double authentication method. This will serve as a double layer of security, and do it as soon as possible.  Other than that; be mindful with your passwords, be careful with what you share, and the usual “use common sense”.

Thank you for reading and stay safe out there.

Bankloan And Creditcard Scam

Guaranteed Loans

Another one of those common scams that regularly pop up in my junk folder is the promose of guaranteed bank loans or credit cards.

These are difficult times for many, and cyber criminals have found out yet another method, to get to people’s money. This time, it is by promising people guaranteed bank loans, or credit cards. All the lucky loaner has to do, is pay the processing fees. When the scammer has your money, you will never see them again.

It can be hard to get any loans from your bank, and many are desperate, and don’t know what to do. Then, when suddenly an offer pops up in their mailbox, it may seem like a gift from heaven. But it’s not, and you will be wise to do some thorough research, before you accept anything that you haven’t applied for yourself.

  1. Why would any bank offer you a loan, without even knowing anything about your financial situation? They won’t!
  2. Use common sense, this will get you a long way, no matter what.

It can be hard to imagine that anyone would actually fall for this, but like I said, desperation can lead to some really stupid decisions, and considering how many of these loan offers I get, and the amount of work the scammer has put into the scam (some of them are really well made), I suppose there are some who fall for it.

My advice: Use common sense and do not open the mail or click on any links inside.

Thank you for reading and stay safe.