The Romance Scam

Falling in love is hard on the wallet

Of all the scams online, this one is, despite the name, the most heartless.

Taking advantage of lonesome, and often desperate souls, these criminals may spend months trying to win their victim’s trust, and millions are falling for this every year. Since falling in love often makes us do irrational things, ruthless scammers have found ways to use this in order to make money.

In the beginning this scam usually began on various dating sites, but today it is just as common on social media, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc. Sometimes, the potential victim receives a simple email. Pictures are often shared, but you can be quite sure that the picture of the beautiful woman, or handsome gentleman, is a mere fake.

Of what we know, the male perpetrators are often located in West African countries, while the females are somewhere in Eastern Europe.

So What Is The Scammers Goal?

There are two steps, in the Romance Scam, and the first step is the way, to achieve step two, which is the ultimate goal.

  1. To win the victim’s trust.
  2. To get hold of the victim’s money.

As I have already written, these scammers can spend months trying to win the victims trust. Then, when time is right, the victim is scammed into sending money, but it can also go as far, as arranging a meeting.

When this happens, one of these two scenarios may take place.

  • Prior to the arranged meeting, something happens, and you will have to send money as soon as possible, to help resolve the problem.
  • If the victim’s family is wealthy, he/she might get kidnapped, and the family will thereafter receive a ransom demand.

As for advice on how to avoid falling for these scams, it can be hard, because most of the people falling for this, are exactly like the rest of us, and falling in love can make all of us do irrational things.

All I can say is:

  • Don’t send money to anyone you haven’t met!
  • Should you arrange a meeting, make it in a public place, and be careful.
  • Don’t EVER travel abroad just to meet with someone you’ve only met on the internet.
  • If you are rich, or you have a rich family, keep it to yourself during your correspondence. If it is a scammer on the other end, he/she may lose interest, if the potential price is to low.

I hope you find some of the advice in this article useful.

Stay safe out there, and remember that most of the scams can be avoided using common sense.

Thank you for reading.


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How To Make Money Online Free

If you really are serious about making money online, you should read this article to the end, and take action on this offer.

There are many ways to make money online, and there are probably a few added to the pile every single day.

Get rich quick
Money out the window

But beware!  Some of them, maybe even most of them, are scams, or at least pushing the boundaries of what is morally ok. 

If you’re like me when I first started, with nothing but a dream of quitting my miserable day job, and telling my boss to screw it, you have probably heard of people making a fortune every day, using nothing but a computer and an internet connection.

It is even likely that you have already tried several ways to earn money on the net, but you have found out that it isn’t quite as easy, as you thought.

Let me tell you the story of my own experience. I suspect you will recognize a few of the things I’ve seen and done, and failed miserably, but don’t worry, it all ends well. Really well!!

Easy Ways To Make Money Online

Fed up with my job

I was working as a school teacher in a school for kids, with social issues. The work days were long and extremely hard, and the pay was hardly worth mentioning. Every day after work I would come home to my family, feeling more and more wasted, useless, and miserable.

Then one day, while I was going through my Junk email folder, I saw something about making money online. I started reading about this, watching YouTube video’s and subscribing to various news letters.

I was hooked and determined to make this work. Imagine making a fortune, working a few hours a day, and then just sit back and watch the money rolling in!

I soon fell into the trap of one of the many online scammers out there, who promised me a fortune within days.

Make money fast
Easy money?

These slick, smart talking self proclaimed “Guru’s” know exactly what to say and do, to lure people into their web of deceit. The promise of quick and easy money is hard to resist, especially for people who are desperate to change their life.

If you’re like I was, you try to find reasons why successful people, would scam others, and you find it hard to understand that anyone can get themselves to ruin other people’s lives like that, so you choose to trust them.

In 9 out of 10 cases that’s a big mistake.   

I once paid $199 for a system that I was guaranteed would make me a fortune in no time. After getting some instructions, the scammer provided me with 20 funnels that I should use, in order to get people to buy in on his offer, but after reading the funnels, I found out that there was no real product. I was to lure prospects into paying money, using the same promises that I had fallen for.

Although I hadn’t earned a single dime, I was to tell people that I had made a fortune, and that they could too. I decided to quit, but when I contacted support, in order to get my $199 back, they never responded.

So, I had lost $199, but on the bright side, I had learned a valuable lesson:

Don’t you EVER pay money, without testing the product first!!

If something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

After this, I tried various ways, spending some money here and there. Some were better than others, but the results were never even close, to what was promised.

I was desperate, but luckily, someone pointed me in the right direction, and I found Wealthy Affiliate.

Read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

Easy Ways To Make Money Online

How To Make Money Online Free

I must admit, I was skeptical to say the least, but after checking it out, there really was no way back, and I was hooked.

First of all, I got two fully functional WordPress websites + step by step tutorials on how to set them up in a few minutes, and expert advice on how to start my business, for FREE!!

Yes, this was the beginners package, but I soon decided to upgrade to premium, and the possibility for 50 websites and a lot of extra features that I couldn’t find anywhere else, but you can get a long way using the beginners package.

Step by step training
Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp

Any which way you should choose, I can promise you won’t regret it.

Ask yourself: Where else can you get 2 fully functional WordPress websites, without paying as much as a single dime? Nowhere!

Sign up for your free membership right here!

How To Make Money Online For Beginners

So, why should you choose Wealthy Affiliate?

There are a lot of reasons:

First of all, there are no empty promises of making a fortune overnight. This is important. The sooner you acknowledge that it takes time to set up an internet business, you can get started on the proces, instead of wasting valuable time, chasing castles in the sky.

But can you really earn a full time living online, with Wealthy Affiliate?

Yes, you can earn a full time living, using the techniques you learn here, and yes, you CAN earn fortunes here, but it takes some ground work, and it will take some time, before the money start rolling in, so you need to take action and get started.

Usually, things really start to happen around the 3 month mark.

Even if you are a beginner, or you have gained experience with online businesses, Wealthy Affiliate can help you.

Take action on the free offer, (there is no credit card needed) and follow the tutorials. Remember you get TWO WordPress websites up and running absolutely free.

If you really want to make money online, you need to take action. Click the button above to get started!

It’s risk free!


I hope you found some value in this post, and that I can welcome you, as a member of the Wealthy Affiliate community.

Please, if you have any questions or comments, write them in the box below, and I will answer as soon as I can.

Thank you for reading.

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How To Search For Keywords

Keywords are an essential, not to say crucial, part of any online business today, and knowing how to search for keywords, can ultimately spell the difference between success and failure.

Choose the right keywordsBe it a blog, an affiliate marketing business, or something completely different, getting traffic to your site is paramount, and the best way to do this, is by selecting the keywords that people are most likely to use, when searching for something related to your niche.

So now you’re thinking, how hard can it be?

The answer is, not that hard actually, if you keep certain factors in mind that can influence the result of search. You see, unless you have found a special niche, it is likely that you have some competition, and if you are new on the market, it will take some time, to get your site ranked in Google, and other relevant search engines.

So, in order to get to your users, or customers, you need to get around your competition, and this is where keywords come into play.

How To Do Keyword Research

Now, as I mentioned earlier; you need to use the right keywords, in order to come around your competition, and reach your customers. So how do you know which ones to use?

First of all, there are certain metrics that you need to keep in mind, so you can swoop in and snatch some of those customers, before your competitors, and the most important ones are:

Traffic  &  Competition

So how can you determine the traffic and competition for each keyword?

The truth is, you can’t, unless you have a Keyword Research Tool.

A Keyword Research Tool, is a tool that you can use, to keep tabs on what people are writing into the search engines, how high the competition is in your specific niche, and how mush traffic you can expect, when using a specific sentence.

How to find keywords
Finding the right keywords

Now, there are a LOT of keyword tools out there, but the way to use them is basically the same; you type in your chosen keywords, and the tool gives you the information you need. Easy peasy!

Which Keyword Tool Is The Best?

I wrote earlier that there are many Keyword Tools out there, but unfortunately many of them don’t deliver the quality you need, and using the wrong one can be as effective as using none at all.

After testing many different ones, with varying results, I have found that  Jaaxy is, by far the best Keyword Tool on the market. It’s easy to use, even if you’re a beginner, and it’s much faster and more powerful than any other I’ve tested.

Many other Keyword Tools have a lot of useless features and graphs, that may make the site look cool, but all they really do is confuse you.

With Jaaxy you get exactly what you need, easy and with lightning speed. Updated information, from multiple search engines, whereas many other tools deliver outdated data, and often times only targeting Google.

Click the button below to read my Jaaxy review

Keyword Research Button

Content is the KEY!

I have told you the importance of keywords, and how to find out which ones to use, in order to get traffic to your site, but if your content isn’t good, your visitors will not stay for long, and you won’t get any conversions.

You NEED quality content, and lots of it.

If you want to start a business online, and don’t know where to start, or even what you want your business to be about, you should check out Wealthy Affiliate.

How to build a succesful online business
Video walkthrough of Wealthy Affiliate

Here you can get 2 fully functional WordPress websites+ step by step tutorials and a huge community of likeminded people who are eager to help you, and that’s just as a FREE member.

Check it out by clicking the button below

Wealthy Affiliate Button

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions or comments, please write them in the box below, and I will get back to you shortly.

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The Jaaxy Review

  • Find the best keywords
    Jaaxy keyword research tool

    Product:……….Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

  • Owner(s):…….Carson Lim & Kyle Loudoun
  • Price:…………. 30 Free Searches, Pro $19/month                              Enterprise $49/month.
  • Website………
  • Rating:………..5 out of 5. Excellent!

The Importance of Keywords

As we gain experience in how to run a business online, the importance of getting traffic, and how to do so becomes more and more obvious. And so does the importance of keywords, and how to use them.

How to find keywords
Finding the right keywords

Keywords are what makes our site pop up whenever someone makes a google search, and knowing how to leverage them efficiently, can easily spell the difference between success and failure.

So, how do we do this? How do we know which keywords to use?

We use a keyword research tool. These are tools that utilize and compare data, from various search engines, not only figuring out, which keywords are searched the most, but also the competition that you face with each one.

Now, with this knowledge in mind, the only problem is, which keyword tool to use. Yes, there are a lot of different keyword tools, and it can be hard to decide, which one is best for you. But you don’t have to worry anymore. Once you have tried Jaaxy, there is no turning back.

I have chosen Jaaxy, and I will tell you why you should do the same.

The internet is constantly evolving, and naturally, our patterns and habits on how we use keywords, have evolved too. Sadly, many keyword tools have failed to keep up, although many have tried, the service they offer is often mediocre, or simply useless.

With Google’s status, many keyword tools have focussed their results on Google alone, and many of them no longer work, or are using outdated data, because of Google’s recent suspension of many accounts that were used, by the keyword tools, to obtain their data.

Now, the way I see it, using outdated data, is just about as effective, as shoving snow with a teaspoon. It’s simply NOT worth doing!

So, how does Jaaxy find the right search and traffic data?

Through extensive research and comparative data testing, the developers

Kyle & Carson, founders of Wealthy Affiliate & Jaaxy

of Jaaxy have succeeded in creating an algorithm that collects data, not only from Google, but from ALL Search Engines that are as close to the “actual” numbers, as you can possibly come, and it is updated regularly.

Unlike many other tools out there, Jaaxy only focusses on those metrics that matter, to an online business, instead of overcomplicating things, with graphs and metrics that don’t serve any other purpose, than to look cool.

As an online marketer, there are basically only TWO metrics that you need to focus on.

Now you’re thinking, WHAT?!

It’s true, think about it; what do you really need to know?

  1. Traffic
  2. Competition

Those are the two you should focus on. Graphs, trends, and website analysis are secondary, and they mostly only confuse you.

In Jaaxy, you have a tool that offers the best of what you need, which is an effective research system that gets you the data you need efficiently and without complicating matters.

Mind you, there are many other features in Jaaxy as well, and with it, I guarantee that you will never find yourself wanting. This really IS, by FAR, the best keyword tool out there.


What is a Good Keyword?

So, what are we looking at? Like I wrote earlier, there are TWO main things that you should focus on:

  • Traffic: These are the estimated monthly searches for your keyword. You should bear in mind though that although a high traffic rate is important, it isn’t necessarily the first thing you should focus on. You also need to scout your competition. Getting to 1st page in Google, is what you want; it is better to achieve a first place ranking with 90 searches, than a second page ranking with 500 searches.
  • Competition (QSR): It is absolutely crucial that you know the competition, when selecting your keywords. If you don’t, you are bound to fail miserably. With Jaaxy, you are able to find your exact competition quickly, and thus know exactly which keywords to leverage and which are useless to you. You should try to focus on keywords with under 400 QSR(400 competing pages).

Then there is the KQI(Keyword Quality Index). This is a great tool that allows you to scan through the results of your keyword search, and quickly determine, which are good to use, and which you should ignore. KQI are traffic, competition, and ranking  results gathered in one, to determine the overall quality of specific keywords.

Choose the right keywordsWith the Jaaxy tool at hand, using these metrics, you can quickly and easily determine which keywords can get you ranked in Google and other search engines.

Is There More to Jaaxy?

Yes, there is more! Jaaxy is filled with features that might come in handy. I know I wrote earlier that you really only need to know the Traffic and competition, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t good, and potentially lucrative, to know what is going on, on a deeper scale.

With Jaaxy, it is possible, and legal, to sneak a peak at what your competitors are up to, and how they get their rankings, in terms of backlinks, word count, page rank, etc.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the Brainstorming Tab within Jaaxy can also help you come up with new ideas, and find other profitable niches that you can leverage.

So, as you have just read, the potential in Jaaxy is enormous, and by using this, you are already ahead of your competition from the word Go.

Once you have tried Jaaxy, there is no turning back.

Jaaxy video tutorial:

Pros & Cons

The Pros:

  • Very user friendly Interface
  • Easy to master
  • No unnecessary features that only serve to confuse
  • Extremely accurate keyword search results
  • Fast and effective support service
  • Uses Proxy servers

The Cons:

  • What cons?

Free Jaaxy membership


For the first time ever, I have topped off a review, with the highest grade, but I am so overwhelmed with Jaaxy that I was never really in doubt. Since I started using it, my conversions have skyrocketed, and my sites are climbing the ranks at a pace I’d never dreamed of.

Once you have tried Jaaxy, there is no turning back.

Overall ranking: 5 out of 5.

Thank you for reading, and the very best of luck with your online business.


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Fake Antivirus Software

Antivirus Gone Bad

Java Update
Pop up with fake Java Update Message

Yet another common scam that you have probably encountered.

This scam usually appears as a pop up, on various sites on the net, and would probably read something like this:

“Your computer is infected. Please download [            ] to remove the virus, and stay safe.”

The individuals behind these, are mostly skilled programmers, and therefore they are usually very well made, and it is easy to fall for the professional look of them, but be warned.

Some are quite innocent, but extremely annoying hoaxes, with pop ups appearing on your screen all the time, and they can be removed by running a scan with your antivirus program.

Although annoying, these hoaxes are a far cry from the more serious threats.

Trojans and Ransomware

In some of the worst cases, your computer can be infected with a trojan

Fake Antivirus Popup

or a key logger that can block your computer, or steal information valuable to you. People have been known to get big ransom demands, in order to retrieve the information that has been stolen or locked down, by the perpetrator.

Personally, I have long since lost count of the times, something like this has shown up on my screen. And I admit to have fallen for this, when I was young and the internet was not so old either.

It basically ruined my first computer, and since then I have always been extra cautious. I always make sure to have an antivirus I trust, and whenever I am in the least bit of doubt, concerning my computer’s well being, I run an allround scan.

What Should You Do To Avoid These Dangers

My only advice, is to always have a good antivirus product installed on your computer.

Run regular scans, and for the love of God:


Thank you


Make money online in 2017

Make 2017 your best year ever!!

Hey my friend! I hope you’ve enjoyed the Christmas Holidays and I wish you a fantastic 2017, with lots of opportunity and success!!

Personally, I don’t think I have ever felt so positive in the beginning of a new year, as I do now, and I’ll tell you why:

For me, Christmas has always been the highlight of the year. I love everything about it, and my wife and I always go all in, on all parameters.

Merry Christmas
My wife and daughter

We have three wonderful children, and their happiness is always the highest priority. We haven’t always been able to buy them expensive gifts, but what we couldn’t afford in the materialistic sense, we always made up with love and attention.

That being said, as a result, we always scraped through January, barely able to make ends meet.

This year though, is a totally different story. (I almost can’t believe it myself!)

Although 2016 started as usual, I finally made my breakthrough, in Affiliate Marketing.

Happy days
Me & my family. That’s me on the right, with the goofy smile.

So for this Christmas, we decided to go on a vacation, to Puerto Mogan in Gran Canaria, which is the second largest of the Canary Islands. And since I didn’t want to miss my dad’s 70th birthday on Christmas eve, we invited him and my mom to join us, all expenses paid, by yours truly.

“No Working While On Vacation!”

Hiking family
In the hills of Mogan

Now, I have spent a lot of time in 2016 behind my computer screen, doing affiliate marketing, but most of all, working on my novel, due to be published in april, so when we left for Gran Canaria my wife made me leave my laptop at home!!

On a mission
Christian and Victoria rock climbing

A wise decision, because I have never enjoyed myself as much, as I did these two weeks in Puerto Mogan. Of course, I had the possibility to follow my progress on my cell phone, sneaking a quick peek at my paypal account every night before going to sleep, and this made it all even more enjoyable.

Shopping in the idyllic town of Puerto Rico

You see, for years I have spent my days worrying about our economic situation, and this really affects your mental well being. We have been on the occasional trips abroad, but we always had to be extra careful, not to spend too much money.

Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, this is no longer an issue.

My feet, and one of the hotel’s 3 pools

When we came home from our best vacation ever, I could see that during those two weeks hiking in the hills of Mogan, floating in the hotel pool, playing football, beach volley, and tennis with my kids, I had earned almost $5,000. I almost couldn’t believe it myself!!

Read my review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

Worth The Hard Work

Mind you, this has not been an overnight success! The first two months

Great pools
The view from our hotel room balcony

were hard work; hours by the computer, but after the initial groundwork is done, and I had completed the step by step online Bootcamp, not only did I make money, I also knew what I was doing.

Now I enjoy every minute I spend behind the computer screen, because I can see the results.

Helping Others Do The Same

Another big plus is that I am not earning money by scamming people, and luring them into buying something that doesn’t work.

I can go to bed every night with a clean conscience, knowing that I am helping others achieve success by doing what I, through my own experience, KNOW is working.

So, now you know why I’m looking forward to 2017.

And you can accomplish the same. Check out Wealthy Affiliate, for FREE and get two fully functional WordPress websites + training, and guidance from people who have earned millions online. And this is only the beginner option. No credit card required!

Take action now and have a fully functional website in 5 minutes.

You can then, if you want to, upgrade to premium, and get a lot of extra features, websites, step by step courses and tutorials on how to make money from them.

I did that after the first 7 days, and you bet I am glad I made that decision!!

Look on the table below, to see what you get.

You really have NOTHING TO LOSE, so take action now, and fulfill your dreams!

Thank you for reading and have a GREAT 2017!!!


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